I am Jeannette Werle, and I 'm passionate about health coaching, baking-pastry chef, life loving and I'm ready to help you develop healthier life style, be happier and teach you to eat, cook nutritious, delicious foods.

Health is a journey and not a destination!


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I am Jeannette Werle, and I 'm  a passionate certified integrated health coach and professionally trained pastry chef,baker.

I'm ready to help you achieve your health goals and guide you for you to heal yourself!

Let me show you how simple it can be.

No gimmicks or diets!

Certified Integrated Health Coach (DH,CIHC, CGP)

Health Journey Coaching 4 U

Work with a health coach if you need help with:

Are you facing some health issues in middle age?   Or, recently diagnose by your doctor, and  in need of help with:

Digestive issues

Micronutrient testing

Autoimmune symptoms

Learn to eat without dieting

Learn to use food as pharmacy

Food sensitivities, plus testing available

Wheat Zoomer testing

Intestinal permeability testing (Leaky gut)

Thyroid testing

Learn to prepare healthier meals for autoimmune conditions

Eat gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free or vegan and need ideas

if you want to learn to bake and cook gluten, dairy or egg free bread or pastries

Learn to cook more vegetarian meals

Learn to use vitamins & supplements according to your health needs

Want to learn to culture (ferment) vegetables

Need support to meet your health goals

Book your health assessment appointment

Hablamos Español

What is health coaching about?

Health coaching is the use of evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage client/patients in health behavior change.

Source Wikipedia

Health coaching to help you reverse poor health

A health coach will utilize 

Your primary and secondary foods to bring balance to your life and help you achieve a healthier  you!

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How to be happy  & healthier

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