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Please note due to novel Corona virus stay at home policy in Ohio all face-to-face talks have been suspended for now.

How to use whole grains and their flours to feed the microbiome

Replacing flours and grains in your everyday cooking or baking  when you are gluten free is not easy, but if you just know few principles of grain replacements then it becomes a breeze!

Come and learn to use some whole grains, seeds, nuts, flours to cook or bake with and their nutritional value.  If you are gluten free, dairy free or vegan, is not enough to stop eating irritating foods, but you must learn to replace them or crowd  them out.  Replacing foods will continue to provide nutritional support to the gut microbiome.  No nutrition leads to starvation of key bacteria in our gut and to dysbiosis or chronic disease.

Hippocrates said, " Let food be thy medicine and your medicine thy food.  All disease starts in the gut."


Speaker: Jeannette Werle, CIHC, Pastry Chef, Baker

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Cost: Free, but seating is limited.  Come early to guarantee space.

Location:Natural Foods Plus- Kettering, Ohio , 3070 Far Hills Ave, Kettering, OH 45429, 

Hidden Dental Infections?

What nutrients are you deficient in?

Micro-nutrients missing in your body?

Nutritional deficiencies and their consequences

Root cause of illness are many, but one that I will address is nutritional deficiencies.

Location, Time & Date: Natural Foods Plus- Kettering, Ohio , 3070 Far Hills Ave, Kettering, OH 45429, Saturday, 01/25/2020, 9 am, no reservation required-space is limited, Fee free, 

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