Are these your hopes and dreams?

Is one of these your hopes and dreams?

 To  have control over your weight

You hope to be able to eat many foods again

To be able to travel without dietary restrictions

Happy & healthy

You wish to have more energy to exercise

Able to express yourself without hurting yourself or others

Have gatherings with friends on a regular basis

 Be able to accept body shape 

Have  more self-care time

Smile more

Become spiritually aware & satisfied

Go in hikes or  vacations more often

Increase the quality of your sleep

Happier  with your home and work environment

Able to understand better your relationships and the impact the relationships have in your quality of life

Feel worthy of earning a living

Individual health coaching

Please read below more about who the coaching is for, benefits and who the coaching is not for.

Happiness is an inside job

The benefits of the health coaching program:

Increase control of weight management

Increase energy

More restful sleep

More comfort foods you can sink teeth into. Yum!

Productive physical activity or exercise

Better control of emotions

Control of self expression

Knowledge of self healing protocols

Happier self

Better management of food sensitivities

More fulfilling life

Knowledge of biography and family life

Social life awareness

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The health coaching program is not for you if:

Not committed to self healing

Not open minded

Want a pill to heal your pain or body issues

Do not take your environment into account

Lack integrity towards your condition

Not committed to increasing physical activity

Not willing to spend time on yourself

Let others decide what is best for you

No self love or self compassion

Not willing to explore a healing path or journey

I can help you achieve your health goals

 I know that sometimes the health and personal issues are too many to be believable, but I am here to tell you they are real and you can overcome them and regain a happy and healthy life.  

I can help you achieve your health goals if you are struggling alone, full of fear that you will remain like this for the rest of your life.  Please work with me to overcome these obstacles that are keeping you from a happy and healthy life. 

Every minute of life is precious avoid wasting time filled with  paralyzing fear!

Jeannette Werle, CHC