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I have partnered with state of the art medical labs.

You can order a lab test alone or select to have a consultation and interpretation of your lab work with a qualify member of the lab.

These lab tests are not intended to diagnose you.  Always consult with your medical health care team.

Disclaimer: Please be advised, I am not a medical doctor and cannot  diagnose, treat any medical condition or interpret your results!

What I can do for you is to share the labs optimal functional ranges for labs, guide you to the resources to help you understands your labs; share with you food, life styles and supplements you may want to consider based on your labs results. I will also share anything I see that raises concerns or potential red flags that you may want to investigate further or discussed with your doctor.

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Stand alone testing available for:

Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria & Virus in gut,

Myco Toxins (Mold)

Intestinal Permeability Panel (Leaky gut)

Heavy Metal Testing


Micro-nutrient Test (Vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, plus other nutritional markers)

Vibrant Celiac Genetics™

Full Thyroid Panel

Wheat sensitivity testing

 Lectin  sensitivity testing

Corn sensitivity testing

Egg sensitivity testing

Seafood sensitivity testing

 Soy sensitivity testing

Comprehensive blood panel 1 & 2  Sensitivity testing

There are many more tests that are not listed here.  If you are looking for something specific give me a call and I will see if any of the labs offer the testing that you can order yourself.

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This websites is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. It's advised that you consult with your medical doctor always.