How to heal with food

How to heal with food 

online course

Use nutrition & other interventions to heal your body

Online course to gain basic knowledge about using food to heal your body. Reclaim your health with nutritional knowledge! Weather, you are trying to be just a bit healthier or trying to lose weight this knowledge will help you jump start your health goals. Avoid waiting around for knowledge to drop on your lap. Be proactive and take control of your health. Start now! I have put a lot of effort to bring you this healing course right to your home and to be used on demand and in your time. Is yours to keep!


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Custom health coaching 4u

Individualized health 

coaching 4U, plus free online course How to heal with food!

Individual health coaching to achieve your health goals. Plus, free access to the online course how to heal with nutrition and other interventions. Acquire basic knowledge through the online course about how to use food to heal your body and get individual attention through individualized health coaching to help you reclaim your health for the new year.

How to heal with food

The program includes

Two 50-minute appointments each month for six months, which will include a discussion of your progress, recommendations, and a full set of notes. Via zoom or 1:1 in person.

A variety of handouts, recipes,CDs, food samples, and other materials.

Email or phone support

An invitation for guests to attend special events.

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Hippocrates said 

" Healing is a matter of time, but it is 

also a matter of opportunity too"

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How to make a British fruit cake

How to bake vegan, GF, Yeast Free, No sugar bread

Easy steps to make and bake artisan, gluten free, vegan, no sugar, no yeast bread.

I will share with you professional techniques and nutritional dense artisan bread recipe with many flavor variations.

Lovely and delicious!

Online course yours to keep.


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Online Courses

Enroll in our online courses. Self-paced with online support via email or phone.

Online courses are to be used for educational purpose only and not intend it to diagnose or treat  disease.  

Always please consult with your physician first.

Call us if you have any questions before enrolling in the classes.

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