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Jeannette Werle Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach

My Health Coaching Program Is Based On IIN Protocols

One-on-one  virtual  or physically present coaching

Phone Individual Coaching, right from the comfort of your home!

Corporate Group Coaching at your work place

Group Virtual Coaching Limited to 6 clients

Other Services Related to Health Coaching

Market or grocery tour

Culinary training for baking. Specific for dietary needs. Example: gluten free, dairy free, egg free, sugar free, soy free or vegan.

Culinary training for savory cooking with emphasis on healthy, easy, everyday meal preparation.

Culinary training for vegetable fermentation.

Pantry makeover

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Until we examine what we really want, we may mistake indulgence for freedom.

Note: Your Health Savings Account (HSA) might pay for the health coaching program if your doctor prescribes it to aid in loosing weight, manage weight issues or other health conditions.

Legislation was passed early this year 2019 to make health coaching programs be covered by HSA accounts.

Check with your provider or employer.

Couples can receive 10% off of total individual coaching program when signing together.

How to bake gluten free, dairy free breads

The  Individual  3 month health coaching program for middle age individuals facing some health challenges includes:

  1. Two 60 minute appointments each month for 3 months, which will include recommendations, and a full set of notes.
  2. A variety of handouts, recipes, books loan, food samples, grocery shopping tour and other materials.
  3. Email or phone support
  4. An invitation for guests to attend special events.
  5. Cost per session is $95 for 60 minutes each appointment
  6. A signed agreement will be in place prior to the  start of the program. Total cost for program is $570.  Payment options available.  HSA accounts might pay for this program.  Check with the human resource department at your work company.

I will guide you if you are ready to regain your health!

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Free initial health & wellness consultation

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 Or, schedule an appointment for help designing a health & wellness program for your office or business.

Corporate Group Coaching

Does your company have a health & wellness program?

Statics show the following cost and effects of sickness or injuries:

• The CDC reports that productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee. Promoting safe and healthy work practices boosts profitability and productivity among employers of all sizes.

• Presenteeism or working while sick can cause productivity loss, poor health, exhaustion and workplace epidemics. Cost to the United States employers is calculated to over 150 billion dollars annually.

• A healthier workforce can mean lower direct costs, such as insurance premiums and workers’ compensation claims.

I can help you design a health & wellness program based on your companies needs.

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Open registration for the next online group program.

Group size 6- 8 individuals per group only

Coming soon for next spring 2020.

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Two  one hour appointments each month for three months, which will include group discussions and materials.

Email or phone support

An invitation for guests to attend special events.

Cost per session is $45 for group appointment and $90 per month for the two sessions. This group program is a 3 month commitment.

A signed agreement will be in place prior to the start of the  group health & wellness program.

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Read about the benefits of health &​ wellness coaching programs

Benefits of the program

Increase energy

More restful sleep

More comfort foods you can sink teeth into. Yum!

Productive physical activity or exercise

Better control of emotions

Control of self expression

Knowledge of self healing protocols

Happier self

Increase control of weight management

Better management of food sensitivities

More fulfilling life

Knowledge of biography and family life

Social life awareness

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Note: Your Health Savings Account (HSA) might pay for the health coaching program if your doctor prescribes it to aid in  manage weight issues or possibly other health issues. Check with your provider.