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Online Bread Class Gluten Free and Breakfast Pastry

Vegan, Gluten Free Bread & European Gluten Free Breakfast Pastry Class-Online Via Zoom, Saturday, June 12, 21, 10-12:30 am, Eastern time.  Reserve your space.

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 Personal Fitness Chef-Nutrition Training-Health Journey Coaching 4U

Specific personal nutritional & culinary training to meet your needs or wants.  Please call and let me design a training just for your specific needs.  Example you want to eat more vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free or want to learn to cook to loose weight.  Is easy!

Let me train you in culinary field to regain your health!

The benefits of the program are:

Reduce your waist line

Weight Management

Control digestive issues

Control of food sensitivities

Knowledge of nutrition

Comfort and satisfying foods

Time and money saving food solutions

Healthier and happier

Eye catching and desirable food

Healthier self

Cook or bake once and eat twice or more times

Able to share foods with others that taste good & satisfies

Not feeling left out

Learn how to bake or cook at home

Learn to bake or cook gluten free, dairy free, vegan,

If you have questions in regards to the professional baking program call us or email us.

Price $125 per hour

Call Us  937-343-1787

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VeganZyme® is a full-spectrum blend of twenty powerful digestive and systemic enzymes that supports digestion, boosts the immune system, and more.

 Culinary Nutrition Online-OnDemand Training-Health Journey Coaching 4U

Enroll in our online courses. Self-paced with online support via email or phone.

Online courses are to be used for educational purpose only and not intend it to diagnose or treat  disease.  

Always please consult with your physician first.

Call us if you have any questions before enrolling in the classes.

Start with my Free online course in basic nutrition to improve your health.  See link below.

Call Us  937-343-1787

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How to make a British fruit cake

Bake Vegan, GF, NS, 

Yeast Free Bread Under 

50 Minutes-Learn to bake this bread in 15 minutes

Easy steps to make and bake artisan, gluten free, vegan, no sugar, no yeast bread.

I will share with you professional techniques and nutritional dense artisan bread recipe with many flavor variations.

Lovely and delicious!

Online course yours to keep.



Artisan Bread

How to make a British fruit cake

How to make vegan scones under  10 minutes video and recipe included

How to make vegan scones is an online,on demand class.  Just under 10 minutes of instructions. 




One dough three applications


It's a great resource.  I spent many hours testing and retesting until the recipe was just right!


Vegan Scones

Privacy Policy-Refunds-Shipping

Privacy policyWe  do not share or sell your personal information.  We collect some information necessary when a client enters into a wellness program, but this information is never shared or sold to anyone.

Refunds: There are no refunds on supplements once you have received them and cannot be returned due to health risks of contamination.  This includes supplements that have not been open by you.  An order can be cancel only if it has not been ship out to you with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Shipping: Free shipping for orders of $50 and up for supplements.

Health Coaching Benefits-Health Journey Coaching 4U

Happiness is an inside job

Please read below the many benefits of health coaching 

The benefits of the health coaching program:

Increase control of weight management

Increase energy

Learn to do parasite cleansing

More restful sleep

Learn to detox and open draining pathways

Modulate your immune system

Enhance Kidney & Liver Function 

Improve digestion

Learn to block negative  self beliefs

Learn to use physical activity to improve health and gain mental stability.

Learn to pair foods for proper digestion and repair of intestinal permeability (known as leaky gut).

Knowledge of self healing protocols for liver, lymphatic system and kidney support.

Better management of food sensitivities

Contact us with any questions or to schedule your initial free health history consultation


The health coaching program is not for you if:

Not committed to self healing

Not open minded

Want a pill to heal your pain or body issues

Do not take your environment into account

Lack integrity towards your condition

Not committed to increasing physical activity

Not willing to spend time on yourself

Let others decide what is best for you

No self love or self compassion

Not willing to explore a healing path or journey

Knowing when to ask for help

We need guidance at times in our lives and is okay to reach out for help.  Learning to fix the Microbiome is hard work and it requires education, perseverance and knowing where to go for education to fix it.

Every minute of life is precious avoid wasting time filled with  paralyzing fear!

Jeannette Werle, CIHC, DH